Walk with Me

A program of check-in walks and talks designed to create connection for members of the community, Local Drug Action Teams and their families and friends.

The walks can either be completed virtually using meeting technologies such as Zoom or in local parks adhering to the relevant physical distancing or lockdown rules in place in each location.

A library of topics has been created by the ADF.

As the leader, you choose a suitable topic for your walk and send the details to your group/s with the date and time of the walk and what you want participants to do.

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Who is it for?

People from all age groups and abilities are welcome to join. It is recommended that separate groups be run if you have a wide range of people in your community.

If the walk is targeted at a specific cultural group or community, it is suggested walks be organised by leaders or elders from this community. E.g. migrant families from a particular cultural background

For example, you could have the following groups:

  • Young people 12-17 years
  • Young adults 18-30 years
  • Adults with children
  • Seniors 65+
People from all age groups and abilities are welcome to join.

Content Pillars

The ADF has created a library of topics for the walks that can be used to focus the conversation on.

There is a range of topic areas to choose, provided as inspiration for discussions, there are no right answers and each conversation will be different. You may have your own ideas.


  • Wellbeing: To help you look after yourself & find some balance in life
  • Stories: To learn from listening to people’s experiences… and be inspired by different people’s journeys in life
  • Learning: To discover something new & feed your curiosity for life
  • Fun: To inject a bit of light-hearted fun & laughter

More information

Full details on how to run Walk with Me can be found in the Leaders Guide.

Walk with Me Toolkits

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