Share successes

It is now time to share your project successes!

Remember to document not only what worked, but what did not; as well as possible reasons for success and failure.


  • putting together a one-page summary of your activity successes and learnings that can be easily understood by someone not familiar with the work
  • writing up key findings in an evaluation report
  • promoting online by uploading an evaluation report to your activity, organisation and partner websites
  • using social media to share key messages
  • contributing short pieces on key findings to sector newsletters or network e-bulletins
  • writing an article for the local paper
  • summarising key findings and getting on the meeting agendas of your organisation.

Next steps

Once you have documented your activity's success, you may consider recommendations to determine the more activities to deliver in your community. Each toolkit has other recommended toolkit activities that are suitable for delivery with your selected target audience.

More information

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